Sunday, June 03, 2007


Days 8-9: Seattle, 3:20 pm

The evening of our arrival, Jason and Stacy cooked out for us. They live in Kirkland, which is a place we wanted to see anyway, and after dinner we walked along the waterfront and ate some Ben & Jerry's ice cream. The sun was setting, and we walked out onto a dock and around a park just staring at the boats and people-watching.

Saturday we ate breakfast at Chinook's, which has a beautiful view of the water, boats, and a draw bridge. I was adventurous and tried their famous salmon patties with my eggs and potatoes. Then we went to Pike's Place Market, which I loved. It is full of people, food, fish, and flowers. Make that folks, food, fish, and flowers for alliteration's sake. We got to look around and try free samples in a tea shop. I admired all the colors in the huge stands of fruits and vegetables and was surprised by all the different kinds and colors of pasta. Tomato basil pasta was red and cilantro lime pasta was green. There was even some tangerine pasta that was orange. We sampled different flavored honeys, browsed paintings and artwork of the Seattle shore and skyline, and narrowly averted buying various items (it was hand-made earrings for me and sheepskin slippers for Cory....we may have to go back to pick these up, in fact.) The peonies were taking up most of the flower spaces, which was delightful for me. I bought a mug from the original Starbucks, and got to try coffee at other places like Seattle's Best and Tully's.

Which brings me now to Sunday...this morning we went to church and got to hear Jason preach. He did an excellent job, and I think Cory liked telling all the members with a sly grin that he could tell them a few stories about Jason. We're taking it kind of easy this afternoon, and I think we're going to a fancy restaurant tonight. I'm really missing everyone, and I find myself talking about you even more often than normal. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


Sarah said...

We miss y'all too, Jess. I think I may be going through Mr. T and Teddy withdrawal, in fact. Oh my goodness, I may have just stumbled over the most fantastic idea for a hit cartoon that's come along since Spongebob. Teddy and Mr. T! Just imagine the educational hilarity! I pity the foo' who thinks this couldn't work. But until we get that on TV, the blogs are quite as entertaining. Enjoy Seattle, and eat as much Ben & Jerry's as you can pack in while you're there. I recommend Vermonty Python -- those little chocolate cows are delicious!

Anonymous said...

We miss y'all too! In fact, at book group on Friday I kept wanting to ask where you were, but then I rememered...... STUPID! (as I hit myself in the forhead) Laters! ADM

Anonymous said...

We loved having you guys out! I'm so glad you've had a great trip so far. You guys have a standing invitation wherever we end up moving. Hope the drive back is as fun as the drive up.

Rae Conner said...

Cory and Jessica,
I am not young and up on the traveling like you two... but read your day to day up date on your blog page last summer while you were enjoying your time in Guadmula & after discovering this week that you were again posting & this time about your road trip to California... this time I am familar with some of the places you are visiting.
Enjoy your trip and return to Texas safely.
Rae Nell (2nd cousin removed??)

Anonymous said...

I miss lappy...but I miss y'all more. I just wanted to say that y'all have inspired Ash and I to be somewhat spontaneous and we are going on a vacation tomorrow to see our families. So thanks to y'all we get to see family, and I don't have to preach. Dustin