Thursday, June 07, 2007

Seattle Recap

What Day is it again?
Redding, CA

So I’ve let the blog slack a little bit, and at a time when I had perfectly good internet access, too. I’m feeling a bit remorseful of that. We are now on our way homeward, somewhere back in California, but before I get into that, I’ll give a short recap of our Seattle adventures.
It seems that almost everyone in the Pacific northwest is a mountain biker, and Jason is no exception. He picked out some trails he thought Cory and I might be able to handle, of which we selected the easiest one since I ride a little clumsily on flat ground and have never fully grasped the ability to switch gears. We drove out to a park area which encompassed a small lake area, waterfalls, and numerous glorious trees. It was raining on us at first, so we were feeling really hard-core. Just as we got on the main part of the trail, though, the skies opened up, the sunshine broke through, and we had the most beautiful weather for bike-riding that ever there was. It was really one of my favorite things of the trip so far, and it made me want to move somewhere with actual hills and not just mounds of brown dirt. We ended up riding a round trip of over 17 miles, and lived to tell the tale.
This was also our anniversary day, so we went out to a fancy-pants restaurant called Salty’s. It had a fabulous view (see above pic) which was absolutely perfect except for that it was slightly obstructed by a huge ugly barge with no redeemable qualities except for it’s somewhat amusing name (Seaspan). We ate steak and crab legs, drank Pinot Noir, and pretended to be real folks of high society.

Our last day in Seattle, we took an underground tour of the city and learned about Seattle’s quirky history. We spent the rest of the day wandering around Pioneer Square (the old part of the city), shopping in stores like North Face and REI, and stopping in at little bookstores and coffee shops periodically. We briefly revisited the market (we just couldn’t stay away), and before we knew it we had passed 6 hours just walking around.
That night, we all loaded up and rode the bus to the Mariners’ baseball game. The stadium was really impressive with a convertible-like roof that retracted if the sun came out and closed when it started raining. The Mariners won with a dramatic come back in the 7th inning which inspired many middle-aged men to do strange dances that I suppose could never be seen except for at a professional sports game. The food was also unique. In addition to the classic hotdog and beer, patrons could also buy fish and chips, clam chowder in bread bowls, or garlic fries.
On the bus ride home, we got to experience the down side of public transportation as two just-out-of-high-schoolers argued loudly; a conversation I’d like to relate here, but I’ll have to save for another time.

Finally, I am caught up to today. We headed out this morning, once again trekking all the way across Oregon and back into CA. I’m feeling a little bad about that because it really is a beautiful state, and I feel like I should give it a little more than just some Interstate time. We did get some good pictures of snow-capped Mt. Shasta, though. I believe the next stop is Yosemite, if I don’t get crazy and just decide to keep driving all the way home. My maintaining-sanity-while-driving-long-distances well is starting to dry up, and my tolerance for getting lost and driving around looking for campsites is lessening. There’s only so much you can shake off in the name of adventure. But the wheels are pointed south, and we’re both getting that crazed determined stare in our eyes. Texas, we’re on our way back to you.


Sarah said...

The biking sounds like so much fun, and I can't wait to see pictures of Seattle and Oregon. I can easily understand being ready to come home after a two-week absence, but we'll be right here when you get back, so enjoy yourself for now!
Also, I want to see the eruption of Old Faithful on film, so tell Cory to stand really close to the hole, and try and coax the geyser out. That would be greeeaaaat ... Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I was waiting until I heard ya'll were celebrating to say Happy Anniversay! I thought about it when you mentioned peonies. It is great that on anniversaries you have had a special trip! I cannot think how you could have done it any different with more planning. The stories and pictures are real treasures.Enjoy "the way back"

Anonymous said...


...that's all I have to say

oh yeah, happy anniversary! :)