Monday, May 28, 2007

Road Trippin'

Day 1
Picacho Peak campground, 20 minutes outside of Tucson, AZ, 8:07 pm Arizona time

I am sitting at a picnic table outside our newly erected tent, watching a beautiful sunset, and writing this on a borrowed laptop. Is that wrong?
This is definitely new territory for us. Not just Arizona, but the two of us- planners and analyzers by nature with an aversion to decision-making- striking out on a roadtrip to Seattle that we decided to take 5 days ago. We’ve been in a flurry of preparation for those five days, and I’ve got to hand it to my husband. He’s not one of those people who gently glides into summer vacation, taking a weekend of sleeping in, watching movies, and doing yard work. No, he hit the ground running; he barreled right into summer. Thirty hours after school let out, and he’s already in Arizona. I like that.
So far, I’d say the best thing we’ve seen out of the three states we have traveled in was Guadalupe Peak, in our home state. Naturally. Neither of us is too impressed with Arizona, although our campground is quite lovely and is nestled at the foot of a couple of jagged peaks. The saguaro cacti are more impressive than I would have imagined.
When we drove into AZ, I think it immediately got 10 degrees hotter just by crossing the state line. And everything is the color of dirt. But really, we picked the fastest route in order to get to LA as quickly as possible. I’m level-headed enough to give AZ another try perhaps on the way back, planning in a few more scenic stops. After all, if a non-Texan were to drive the shortest possible route from El Paso to Lubbock, they’d probably feel the same way about TX that I do about AZ at the moment.
Ok, that’s enough campground time devoted to technology for one evening. Seven hours to Pasadena!
(Cory says it’s ok that I’m using a computer in the middle of the desert because even Teddy took a typewriter with him to the Amazon.)

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