Monday, May 28, 2007


Day 2: Pasadena, California

Today we drove the rest of the way to Mike and Amy’s, listening to Nick Hornby’s audiobook A Long Way Down to pass the time. We got to their house about 3. We decided our tourist attraction event was to be the La Brea Tar Pits which Cory had “heard about all his life” and was really excited to go to. It was really pretty amazing- we got to see the almost fully preserved bones of saber toothed cats, mammoths, ground sloths (my favorite part) and all sorts of creatures. Apparently, throughout time animals became stuck in these tar pits and died there. Later, their bones were found and excavated and the tar preserved them so much that they can be reassembled in the museum. They are still excavating from the pit, and we were able to watch them work from a big glass window.
Next, we got to see David and Leah Beth’s place and their new baby, Joel, who is precious. We went to dinner and then to this awesome fondue place for dessert. It was so much fun- a tray of fruits, cake, cheesecake, brownies, etc. was brought out to dip into an oozy chocolate goodness (not unlike a tar pit, actually…although I’m sure it tastes better) that was heating on a burner in the middle of the table. That was the highlight of my evening. We are only staying here for one night, so then we decided, what the heck, let’s go for drinks. So the entire evening was lots of fun, a huge intake of calories, and delightful spending time with Mike and Amy. Tomorrow we head up the coast for some camping in the scenic Big Sur area. Mike has graced us with some stories of ravenous raccoons, so I’m practicing my maneuvers for karate chopping them, should the need arise.

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Anonymous said...

OH, sounds like you two are having the time of your lives. Road trips are pretty fun but since I HATE riding in a car, about 6 hrs and I'm done for the day. I LOVE MOTELS !! Once went to Arkansas to see my brother with my mother, David and Stacy. We took a small tent and a cot and stayed in KOA's and had a blast. I always ended up on the cot OUTSIDE the tent (not enuf room in a 2 man tent for 4 people AND a cot) but it was fun! Mom took a coffee maker and we had good coffee and donuts ea morning and the kids loved it.
Have fun..keep in touch...and stay safe.
We love you,