Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Election Woes

It's been awhile since I've posted; it has been such a crazy and long semester so far. However, I felt the urge to post about the upcoming election, having been struck with a slightly heightened sense of political fervor. Through this blog, I now officially announce my endorsment of the Democratic candidate for governor, Chris Bell. (Insert camera flashes, trumpet sounds, and perhaps a raised eyebrow of surprise here.)
I won't go into all the issues or my reasoning here (unless the people demand it, in which case I will happily oblige) because there are so many other sources of information, which are, perhaps, more reliable. I just wanted to write this to encourage anyone who might not have checked into the candidates simply because they haven't had the time, they're from Texas, and they usually vote Republican. Take a little extra time to form an opinion. It's rediculous that I have not talked with a single person who is content with Rick Perry as governor, and yet he's likely to still win this election.
Chris Bell's website is decently helpful, as he has his stance on a variety of issues listed conveniently in a side bar. I'll throw in a link to Kinky's website for entertainment value. Sure, I'll even let you borrow the debate I have recorded.
That concludes my public service announcement for this week. Vote!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Jess, glad to see you are forming political opinions. This usually happens around 21 yrs of age. I was Democrat when growing up...simply because my daddy was. Then, as I "grew" in my opinions, political as well as others, I learned that probably one was better to vote for "the man" and not so much "the party". Right now, one of the scariest thoughts I can have is that Hillery Clinton may make it to the White House!!!!
I tell myself, "surely NOT" but then I think about her husband being elected....not once, but TWICE !! What a sad state.
Your writings for the newspaper are just great and I really enjoy reading them. Keep up the good work!
Have fun....life is short!
I love you,

Anonymous said...

Hey what's going on?