Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Shoes to fill

Real life has now hit me at full force. Like a frying pan in the face. School is back in session (boy, is it ever) and I have lots of different shoes to fill.
The newest pair are the hard-core journalist shoes: sensible and stylish. Must appear appealing, or at least interesting to the average college-age student while maintaining some sort of self-respect. Able to make quick turns for new deadlines and story ideas, and durable enough to withstand a few scrapes and mishaps when sources refuse to return phone calls.
Second pair: practical and mature teacher shoes. Comfort is a necessity when sitting through 3 hour classes taught be ex-elementary teachers who repeat "Teach, don't tell!" like broken records. Or parrots. Or parrots who ate broken records.
Pair number three: the bilingual advocate shoes. These are a broad range of colors made from a variety of different leathers in order to ensure that no one is offended by the fact that I have different shoes than they do. The labels on these are in both English and Spanish, and when I'm not wearing them I have to carry a picture of them around with me lest someone forget that they exist.
Pair four: my cheerleader tennis shoes. I know, it's shocking, but it really is fun following my brother around, taking pictures of him like he's a celebrity. If only I had been able to be this excited about high school football when I was actually in high school. Ok, back to the shoe imagery: able to withstand sporadic jumping, with balance-enhancing inserts so that I don't fall through dangerous bleacher gaps.
Pair five: The heels that I wear with my A-line skirt, apron, and pearls while I cook dinner for my husband... Ok, so these shoes don't exist. Poor Cory is doing most of the cooking these days. (And getting quite comfortable in his photographer's shoes, as is apparent with the above photo.) Ah well, this way I can have time to occasionally put on my real life "sneakers" (as he calls them) and go for a run.

The semester really has started out well, and I'm excited to be able to do all of these different things. I feel like I'm getting to try things that truly interest me, and all the possiblities for a year from now, when I'm a graduated adult, are so exciting. Now if only I could narrow down the actual number of shoes in my closet to only five...