Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tour de Antigua

We just got done with a bike tour with the school. It was interesting we actually had an escort, a s-10 pickup with a siren on top led the way. We had fun. But none of us inquired about the specifics on this tour. We assumed (I know what happens when you assume things) that it was around (in) Antigua, but in fact was around (surrounding pueblos) Antigua and took about 2 hrs. We saw some amazing views and interesting sites. One unexpected event while we were in one of these pueblos was a funeral procession coming at us, forcing us to pull over and wait. The procession reminded me of the Godfather, it even had a little band following along. It had been along time since I´d felt that out of place, standing there in my shorts and T-shirt while all of these mourners were walking by. It was pretty fun all in all. But after 2 hours on a bike we are a little saddle sore.



Anonymous said...

hey jess,
it looks and sounds like you are having a great time and i hope that it stays that way. I love your pictures and wish i could see all that stuff for real. Anyway i really dont have much to say but keep on enjoying your trip, dont study too hard. Love you.

Anonymous said...

That was a long way to cycle when you not used to it, but a great way to see the sites. I cant imagine being on the sidelines of the funeral,though sad it is part of the culture you probably didnt count on seeing, that's interesting. I loved the pic of you and Jessica at Monterrico, such a handsome couple! Enjoy every minute left. Love you both Mom

MOM said...

Wow! That all sounds a little extreme for your workouts. It makes my little time spent walking seem like a lazy day at the park. Take care of the sore muscles! Love you-MOM C.

Anonymous said...

Me again, everyone at work wanted me to tell yall they are really enjoying the blog and wish you both a safe trip
love mom/sandi