Friday, June 09, 2006


We knew that June was the start of the rainy season here in Guatemala, but I guess knowing and experiencing are two very different things. It has been crazy this week. At some point between 2-4 it starts to rain and usually continues well into the night. I don´t know but this might be what it´s like to live in Seattle, except without all the Starbucks and a few other small differences I´m sure. So we have not done much this week with all the rain, we played a little cards with the Irwins (who have saved our lives because they are so prepared and have rainjackets and umbrellas, so they have loaned us one of their umbrellas so we each have one). We went to a really cool restaurante last night, but I´ll let Jessica talk about that. I played soccer again this week (in the rain of course), I´m fairly sore but scored my first two international goals. I know what your thinking and yes there was a goalie, sure she was only around 5 ft. tall but let´s not get caught up on details here. And world cup began today, so school was stopped to watch the game. Oh and to answer the moms´volcano questions there are three right around Antigua, one is active. But it´s not a big deal apparently (of course that´s what they probably said in Pompeii) it last erupted in 2002 I think. Well that´s about it we have an exciting Saturday ahead but I won´t tell you about it so you´ll be eagerly awaiting the next post.


Anonymous said...

Oh, well what's a little active volcano, when will you have another chance to score in an international soccer game, in the rain no less! Can't wait to hear about the weekend, have a good time, this is fun!
Love Mom/Sandi

Anonymous said...

We are all waiting to hear about the weekend...know it will be something fun, exciting and really wierd~don't ya love it!?!
Love, Memaw

MOM said...

Hey Cory Earl...I love the soccer story-even though the goalie was not up to your level of skills. Keep up the good work! Take a picture of the volcano for me. Love you-MOM C.

Jess E said...

Take a picture [i]from the top[/i] of the volcano for me! seriously.

I'm impressed by both your soccer skills and your blogging skills (though Jessica could probably do a little copyediting for you).
hasta la pasta! (is that proper Spanish?) -- Jess

Anonymous said...

it is brynna, your cousin. I am spending the night with memaw and i was reading what you and cory put and those pictures are really cool.Well, i hope your having a lot of fun.I bet it is a lot of fun to get to go far away. Also, tomorrow we are going out to see andrea and bailey. well, i have to go because I have to go to bed. Have fun on your trip.
your cousin,