Sunday, June 18, 2006


More pictures! Monterrico was a lovely little paradise away from all the rain. It wasn´t without a few adventures, though:

(I don´t know how to turn the picture the other way. If anyone has any suggestions let me know.) Our room was without airconditioning, but it was semi open-air. It had a thatched roof, but the walls didn´t go all the way up to the ceiling. I think that was so air could circulate better, but we had to sleep under this mosquito net to keep from being eaten alive. It was worth it though, to be able to hear the waves singing us to sleep.

This is the ferry that drove us across the river. I had been on a drive-up ferry before, but never one this small. The guys were very efficient, though, and we were across in just 5 minutes!

Ah, the black sand beaches. The surf was really rough, and we didn´t get in above our waists for fear of the current. I don´t think I´ve ever seen waves this big, and that´s saying something since I really am quite the body-surfer. I was missing Surfin Stumpy at this point.

The hotel and restaurant were owned by an Italian couple, which made it fun to talk about the World Cup. (Italy played the US on Saturday.) I kept wanting to talk to them about the Sopranos or how ¨Luca Brazzi sleeps with the fishes,¨but I didn´t think they´d be impressed, and I resisted.
Now for the adventures: Cory saved me from a scorpion that was hanging out on our bathroom wall waiting to pounce on me at the first possible second. I could tell he was a menace by the look in his beady little eyes...( the scorpion, not Cory.)
Also, we tried to book a boat tour around the marsh with a small man from a hotel just down the beach. He said the best time to leave was at 6 am, just before sunrise because that´s when all the animals are out. I set my alarm, and we stumbled out of bed and down the beach accordingly. We had to wear long sleeves and pants so that the mosquitos wouldn´t bother us on the marsh, and we were quite hot and sweaty by the time we arrived. When we got to the other hotel, it was still quite dark... too dark in fact. Cory looked at his watch and realized that it was actually only 5 instead of 6. I had inadvertently changed the time on my watch while setting the alarm. Probrecitos! We trudged back dejectedly to the hotel in the dark, and I started to get frightened that we were alone on the beach in the dark. (I know my parents are shaking their heads in fervent agreement.) Then I thought I heard something splash in the water, and I turned, startled, to look. Then I reasoned to myself, ¨That´s silly, everyone knows that Guatemalans are scared of the water...Oh wait, no, that´s hobbits.¨ (I am currently reading Lord of the Rings which Garrett so kindly left for me, and am obviously having trouble distinguishing fiction from reality.) We were so put out by the whole thing that we decided to skip the actual boat tour altogether and go back to bed. (Well, I went back to bed while my gallant and noble husband returned to the hotel to tell Elias, the small Guatemalteco, that we weren´t coming.)
The rest of the day we swam in the pool and walked down the beach. We enjoyed the Italian food, and we had almost the whole beach to ourselves. The huge waves were really amazing, and we often just sat staring into the ocean and watching the spray fly into the air. The shore, for the most part was clean, but bits of trash washed up during high tide. As we walked, Cory kept sort of a running commentary, ¨Oh look, there´s a toothbrush...there´s a coconut....there´s a shoe, I think it might fit you... oh wait, no, that´s a small life raft from a ship.¨ Lovely.


Anonymous said...

the pics and the stories are great!!!! sure am missing yall
love david

MOM said...

Oh my! I enjoyed that story. I sure needed a good chuckle this morning. It made me miss you even more though. Mr. Gunter brought me pictures today from back in the day when you were in middle school and now you are dueling scorpions and mosquitoes and maybe even hobbits or just short Guatemalans or just Cory in a foreign country. you have grown up!

Well, I love you and Cory very much. Be safe. MOM

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it is a good thing you got away from there. I just read they had 13 foot waves and a hotel destroyed at a beach 60 miles Southeast of Guatemala City. It that near where you were?
Glad you guys had fun and are safe.
xxxooo, Dad

Anonymous said...

mosquito net?? Ugh, I would hate that but atleast it keeps you from getting mosquito bites!! I have chiggers from playing with the puppies in the grass all the time. OUCHIE! It has been fun to read your stories but seeing you in person would be even better....when do y'all come home? I can't believe you have almost been over there a WHOLE MONTH! Well take care and write me back!


Anonymous said...

The pictures and the stories almost seem to be coming from another country.....oh....wait....THEY ARE!
So glad you are having such a "forever remembering" experience, Jess and Cory.
The black sandy beaches, even with life boats that look like shoes (shame on you, Cory!!) and toothbrushes scattered every where, look just amazing. So beautiful!!
Blessings and love to you both,

Anonymous said...

That was a great adventure! I am glad yall are being cautious while you are having a good time. I am sorry Jessica, I guess theyre just not going to drop the shoe thing!It is hard to imagine black sand, but easy to see a hobbit sneaking around. I also just read the story about storm 60 miles from guatemala city, glad not near you. So good to hear your voice Cory. Will yall have time to see more? Hurry. Cant wait to see yall.Love Sandi

Anonymous said...

Hope ya'll had a chance to share some of your secert receipes with the Italian couple. Yendor