Thursday, June 15, 2006


Today the lovely Irwins have left us to return to the grand and glorious Texas. I am lamenting that I no longer have someone to remind me, ¨Jess, what are you really going to remember in 10 years: going to a cafe to watch the World Cup with a bunch of crazy Europeans/Guatemalans, or staying here and studying?¨ But we had a grand time the last few day finding cafés after dinner for dessert or wine or sangria. For our final Irwin send-off we went to a fancy hotel and had dessert in the restaurant there, that was lit mostly by candle light. It was really lovely until we had to slaunch back in the rain. (The rain, if you couldn´t tell by Cory´s entry, is starting to get to us. Our towels never dry, and some of our clothes actually soured a bit. Luckily we noticed by the stench in our room that we should take the clothes to the lavanderia.)
We are almost to the end of our third week of classes, though, and I´m starting to have dreams about crazy Spanish gameshows. I haven´t even watched a bit of tv here (well, except for a few World Cup games), so the gameshows are completely the results of my imagination, and really wouldn´t be that exciting in real life. In the latest dream, I had to choose between 3 doors, each labeled with a section of Spanish grammar. I don´t think I even won anything exciting for answering the grammar question right. Man, I´m getting lame.
The weekend looks promising, though. Tomorrow we are having a big fiesta at the school for Día de los Padres, and we get free food and drinks. Then, if everything goes as planned, we are headed to the black-sand beaches of Monterrico on Saturday. We´re staying busy, but I can´t say that we aren´t a little homesick for all of you guys. However, we will perservere.!


Anonymous said...

To be in Guatemala and IRWINLESS! That sounds pretty scary but I am sure, by now, you guys have made friends with others there.
You still have time for more memories and learning more Spanish...make the very most of every minute left to you.
As dry and hot as it is here, the rains there sounded good to me until you mentioned clothing was soured. NOT a good thing!
Have fun and know that you are missed.
Love, Memaw

Anonymous said...

Hey jess,
Well, that fiesta is gonna be VERY fun.That's not very good some of your clothes have soured. Hope they're not any nice ones. When you get back we will all be glad to see you. but have fun! Don't worry about it.have a lt of fun!
your cousin,
PS:Keep writing stuff. and keep taking pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess & Cory I mess yall lot.I will love it when you & Cory come back.Lacey made all stars at lady rader bascketball came and a medle.

sarah said...

I was Irwinless once. Took me three and a half years to find myself.

jessica said...

Hi there Brynna and Bailey! I´m so impressed that you guys are so good at the computer. Thanks for leaving us messages, I was so happy to hear from you! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Dreaming in Spanish? I am so jealous. I have been listening to my little Spanish I tapes and consider it a huge victory that I can now ask where the hotel and restaurant are! I am super proud of you guys and know that you are making memories you will never forget. We can't wait to see you and hear all about them. Have fun and keep in mind that you will be back in the lovely Texas heat before you know it. Much love - Kim

MOM said...

I am loving hearing about the eating and drinking places...and the studying too, I guess. Keep up the good work. We are really missing you guys. Have a great time and hug Cory for me!

Dream on, little girl. I love you-MOM

Anonymous said...

I am very jealous of the black sand beaches. I wonder if the critters along the beach will be different colors as well. I would stay away from any neon shellfish, you may be allergic........

Have fun,


Ashlee said...

Just wanted to say hi. We love you and look forward to seeing you when you get home.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to tell you I am enjoying your stories. The pictures are great. Enjoy the remainder of your trip. It is very hot here. Love, Aunt Beth

Anonymous said...

It can never be a good thing to be Irwinless! I haven't been for about 28 years now!

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi, again....
Just wanted to say we had church at the JIM IRWIN'S home last night and got to hug and kiss the GARRETT IRVINS faces!! Lori said they had a great time but that the rains DID tend to get on ones nerves! It is good to have them back home and we are looking forward to having you two back, too.
Have a great time while you are there.(and, if you should see Lyle Lovett, tell him I said "hey"!!)
Love, Memaw