Monday, June 26, 2006

Babies, etc. (told mostly by Cory)

We have settled into the hotel, and are now just piddling about Antigua. Just so everyone knows our plans, we fly out from here at 9:20 on Wednesday morning and get to Dallas at around 12:30. Please pray for our travelling, as the rainy weather has picked back up again. I´m not sure when we will get home exactly. We are planning to hang out with Dad and co. for a few days, and I figure we´ll make it back home on either Saturday or Sunday.
Sunday we were eating brunch at this cafe, and the most interesting thing happened. These three American women come in with two Guatemalan babies. Then several more come in, and a few more. Eventually there were about 12-15 adults and about 8 little adopted guatemalan babies sitting at the table next to us. We kept thinking, "Could this be a sign?" Jessica gets in a conversation with one of the new moms about adopting in Guatemala and receives lots of good information. The mom was very nice and insisted I hold Baby Sedona because " I need the practice". On top of that, at school we visited with 2 sisters from Iowa who come from a family of 14 children, some adopted, some not. Needless to say, we´ve received lots of adoption information in the last few days.


So last Friday I was wandering around Antigua exploring while Jessica was in class. I happened to turn down one street in search of this one restaurant decorated with the Beatles and other British odds and ends, that we had walked by one night. Who did I run into but Chris Rickwartz. Chris was at McMurry my freshmen year and was a youth minister in Levelland for a while, before moving away. He was in Guatemala with a group of students working on a water system in a little village. How about that.
We´ll see you guys in a few days!


Aunt Beth said...

Jess and Cory,
Enjoy your last day there. I have enjoyed reading about all the things you have been doing. I am looking forward to seeing you while you are hanging out at your Dads house. If you need transportation from the airport let me know. Love, Aunt Beth

Anonymous said...

I think we have ALL enjoyed this blog much more than we even thought. It's been great to hear all about this trip and has helped us to see it thru your eyes.

Have a good trip home and take care. We will all be glad to see you and have a "picture time" to see all the pictures of the trip.
Love, Memaw

Anonymous said...

I know you enjoyed hoding baby Sedona, you are pretty experienced at that. I have no doubt you and Jessica can handle anything. I already have my girl and will probably get another one someday, so I'm set. I was wondering if you would run into someone you knew, it seems that happens to you a lot, that was wild in another part of the world! We all have enjoyed this trip so much. I am now known as the "blog fairy" as Grandma checks her mail box to see if I "delivered" in the night. Mom and Rick also look forward to them. Enjoy your remaining time there, and I will pray for a safe trip. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Received the post card Monday thanks for sending it,I think it came on the chicken bus in the picture.Have s good trip home see you soon. yendor