Wednesday, May 17, 2006

High Fidelity Style

Top 5 reasons why I should have a blog:

1. I can keep everyone updated when I'm in Guatemala for a month. This way I can aviod the hassle of mass emailing, and I can try to remember how to speak English occasionally.
2. Practice for my new journalism job- except that will be objective and this is mostly my opinion. And they're going to pay me.
3. Sometimes I take myself too seriously and think that what I have to say is really very important.
4. I needed somewhere to display the picture of me and my girls at Graceland.
5. All the cool kids are doing it.


Anonymous said...

You're awesome, my friend, and an inspiration to aspiring authors everywhere. The King would be proud of you.

Anonymous said...

WELL.....I am SO impressed for you to have your very own blog. I'll be reading it daily while you are away, learning, having fun and probably getting homesick to see all of us loving, caring, sharing, fun-loving, hugh family!
We all love you!

Ashy said...

Just one more thing to keep me busy at work. Holla!

MOM said...

This is really neat. I know I lead a sheltered life but this is the first one I have read...(I think.) Keep it going, lil' girl! Love you-Mom

javanated said...

Welcome to the dark side, Jessica. By the way, who's that really cute girl on the right? I need to get her number...

Jess (not you) said...

sweet, you've been added to my Favorites

Anonymous said...

This is really great, I'm once again impressed! It will be fun reading news and comments. I hope this is working, it's a first for me too. Love the pic of "the girls" did you get to see the King while there? Be safe.
Love Sandi