Monday, May 29, 2006

Bienvenidos al Antigua

We made it! The plane ride was wonderfully smooth- thanks everyone for praying for us. It was rainy when we landed in Guatemala, but we were able to fly around the storms. Our house is fabulous! It´s kind of dorm-style, with all the rooms only accessible through an open air courtyard that is filled with gorgeous flowers and foliage. We met Garrett and Lori on Sunday morning for brunch and they guided us around the city. The families don´t cook for us on Sundays, so we got to try out a few of the restaurants, and today is our first day to get to eat with the family and study at the school. There are 3 other students in our house, two are Dutch and one is German, but we all speak English (even the mom of the house, but she is very good at trying to make us all speak Spanish to her).
My Spanish is better than I thought it would be, and I talked to the house mom, Angelica, for almost a full half hour when we arrived. Cory is awesome- he understands almost everything we say, he just has trouble speaking back. I think he was wondering what I got him into at first, but he seems to be enjoying himself this morning at the school. It´s pretty nice to have Garrett and Lori here, as they serve somewhat as our own personal tour guides. They´ve got everything figured out already, and we´ve had fun galavanting about the city.
The weather is beautiful. It rains in the afternoons or evenings, but the sun is shining otherwise and there is a cool breeze. It is almost the perfect temperature, and none of the buildings have air conditioning because they don´t really need it. Antigua is nestled in the middle of several mountains/volcanos which provide not only a beautiful view, but also help us with orienting ourselves in the city.
Thanks for your comments and encouragement- keep em coming! Let us know what all is going on with you guys!


sarah said...

Jess & Cory,
Yea! You made it to Guatemala all safe and sound! I'm glad to hear that the flight was fine and that you like your house and the city so much already. I'd like to hear more about your classes when you have time to write again.
Everything is just peachy here in Texas, except that it's quite as hot already as Lubbock summers usually are. We haven't really had much discussion yet on Nouwen, but this week when we meet, we'll probably be talking about the Intro and Part 1, and posting some of our thoughts/questions/
conclusions on the book group blog. We miss y'all a whole lot, but I know you're going to have a fantastic month. Take some pictures of that lovely courtyard for me.

Anonymous said...

So glad to know you guys arrived safe and sound. I can't wait to hear more - it sounds so beautiful. Much love to you guys-Kim

Sandi said...

So glad ya'll had a good trip! Everything sounds awesome. Courtyard especially. Right out of an adventure novel. You both can't help but learn so much. The family and friends sound great and diversifed, that's nice. I am really excited for you both. Like Sarah, I am looking forward to hearing about classes. We are good nearly had rain! Say hi to the hunk that went with you. ha love Sandi

Anonymous said...

Good morning (or, at least it is morning here !!). Thankful for your safe arrival to Guatemala and so glad to hear the fun began when you landed. Hold on tight....this month over there is going to be quite a ride!
Good times to you and I know your Spanish is REALLY going to be awesome when you return. Hug Cory and then have him hug you, all for us! And....hi to Garrett and Lori.
We love you, Memaw

Anonymous said...

Jess & Cory
Great to hear from yall. Iam glad everything is going so good have a great time ,take alot of pics , learn some spanish, and make menories for a lifetime
Love David

MOM said...

Wow! It sounds beautiful! Enjoy every minute!

Everything here is going okay! Lacey is playing basketball and Bryan is now a "little less wise" without his wisdom teeth.

Tell Lori and Garrett hi for me and give Cory a big hug for me too! Love you-MOM

Ashlee said...

Hiya Folks!

Glad to hear things are going well! Things are great here. We stayed the night at Lori and Garrett's last night. We watched an interesting movie called Lincoln Hights or something like that. It was set in the 50s and was about Jews, blacks, illegal activities, and love. I liked it ok. It was just about life, didn't really have a point.
Your house sounds fantastic! A courtyard filled with plants! How great!
I'm reading in the Nauwen book. I like it so far. It will be interesting to see how the discussion shapes up!
Adios! Ashlee

prayingmoose said...

Yo hommies,
Que Paso?
I'm glad to see that things are going great down there. Sorry we missed y'alls send off. It sounds like y'all are having tons of fun. I'm sure jealous that y'all are in an exotic land, and I'm stuck here in Texas. Have lots of fun for me...while I'm reading away. Peace

Anonymous said...

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